I created Model's Secret because I wanted to share my secrets from over ten years of being a professional model while struggling with chronic immune-deficient Lyme disease. Being scouted to be an Abercrombie and Fitch model and moving to NYC would seem like a dream come true for most nineteen year olds. For me, it was a little different. Due to my lyme disease, I often struggled with how I could mask my fatigue and emotions in front of the camera.

My most vivid memory was being in the back of a bus on my way to shoot the Abercrombie and Fitch campaign with world- renowned photographer, Bruce Weber, and crying on the phone to my father because I felt so sick and depleted. Lyme disease sufferers know all too well how crucial it is to get proper rest, avoid toxic-chemicals, maintain an allergy free diet, avoid alcohol, and ingest plenty of anti-inflammatory supplements while trying to adhere to a healthy routine. If I don't follow this protocol, I get flare ups and quite honestly, feel as if I am going to die.

As a model, I always have to be ready to travel the world at the drop of a hat, eat inflammatory foods due to limited nutritional options and sleep in all different hotel rooms/model apartments while getting only a few hours of sleep; only to get up at 5am and be in hair in make up as they smother my face with chemicals. You are a living doll and you are there for one reason, to look beautiful and portray the emotion of the shoot. For years I lived out of a suitcase, shot for 14 hour days in different time zones and through it all, my biggest challenge was keeping my energy up and trying to persevere through a horrible disease. This is how I learned to put on my so called "mask.” How do you tell a famous make-up artist that his/her skincare triggers your asthma or causes you to feel achy or itchy and your eyes to sting due to your many chemical sensitivities?

There is a lot of inner strength one has to seek in order to overcome adversity but how can this be accomplished when the daily products you use consist of chemicals that make you sick? It was after a runway show I did for Fashion Week in New York City that my asthma became so intense after the skincare was applied, that I almost didn't make the show. I couldn't even have make-up put on because my throat began to close up. As a model, you are there to do a job and after going to numerous fits and rehearsals, there is no such thing as sympathy. You will be labeled a “diva,” difficult to work with and the chances of being called back with that client are slim.

This is when I said enough is enough - I am throwing away my "mask." So for the last three years, I exhaustively researched and experienced through personal trial and error, ways to help my Lyme disease/immune system disorder. I have worked closely with my uncle, Dr. Paul Kenyon, a Homeopathic/Naturopathic doctor, and learned how the immune system can become depleted from chronic disease and the tools one needs to strengthen it. We have collaborated and developed a unique skincare formula consisting of organic/natural ingredients, homeopathies, vitamins, minerals, herbs, fruits and vegetables. My product not only heightens one’s immune system, it is 100% anti- inflammatory, gluten free and hypoallergenic and makes the skin look younger and replenished though all the anti-aging components. Allowing the immune system to absorb beneficial skincare not only shows in a beautiful, physical way, but it translates through the eyes into the soul of the individual. The soul sparkles. That is my secret…

Kelly Donovan

Founder, Model’s Secret

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